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Utagawa Tsuyanaga (?) (worked about 1860)

N H 0836

The procession of the Shgun nearby Shono, in Shirasagi-zuka, Ise, at night.

Series: Tokaido (meisho) no uchi.

Title: ... Shirasagizuka ... fkei

Signature: Ikkysai Tsuyanaga (?).
Publisher: (Daikoku-ya?).

Date: 1863.
Size: Oban, 32,9 x 22 cm.

Perfect impression and colours, very good condition (left margin a little bit trimmed, otherwise broader margins).


Enlarged picture

From the very nice series of the Tokaido Road, which shows the procession of the Shogun Tokugawa Iemochi from Edo to the emperor's palace in Kyoto in the year 1863, and which was worked out even in the same year in co-operation with many artists and publishers. See also: Kunisada and Yoshimori.

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